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With new technology comes a Great Change in workforce


people may lose their jobs due to automation and the introduction of new technologies by 2025


new workplaces will be created due to the automation. They will be more adapted to new realities


of business leaders expect employees to acquire new skills on the job


of employers believe that investments in professional development and retraining will pay off within one year


of employees will be provided advanced training by their employers

Find the most suitable people for your needs

Our system enables customizable integration of information from different sources and formats to support evaluation of candidates, based on the requirements defined by organizations.

Resume AI Analyzer

Artificial Intelligence module that analyzes applicants’ resumes and chooses the most suitable candidates for a concrete position

Wide Web Algo Analytic

Algo Analytic module analyzes information about the candidate from wide web services (e.g., social networks, forums, blogs, articles, etc.) and offers conclusions about the candidate according to desired features.

Deep Dive Analyzer

The Module analyzes sensitive information about the candidate from legal government sources (e.g., criminal records, financial issues, credit score, fraud detection).

Find the most suitable people for your needs

  • In 2020 market depth is 457 bn dollars

  • HR market growth is 13% y-oy

  • AI market will grow at a CAGR of 42,9% from 2019 to 2027

Our solution provides a variety of tools suited for efficient decision making in people management

Stage 1

Fast resume screening

Stage 2

Choosing the best candidate

Stage 3

Verifying the information and social behavior

Why us?

The Employer meets Candidates Based on CV but Wishes to Hire Based on real Qualities

  • To avoid judging the person by his cover (i.e., CV), Acropolis allows well-informed hiring decisions at very early stage of the recruitment process.

  • We offer a product that reveals actual qualities and experience of the person and presents compatibility with the requirements, values and goals of the company.

Our Product is made to Outperform standard ways of People Management

Therefore we have created product that is able in seconds to perform a large flow summary, and electronic signature of candidate networks to select the perfect candidate

Screening questionnaires and CVs and selecting the ideal candidate takes a lot of valuable time, optimizing this process will improve the efficiency tenfold

We gathered a team of developers and AI experts, and received insights from HR industry heads about the complications they face

Our technology can be tailored for a wide variety of purposed applications


  • Administrative applications

  • Army recruitment

  • Citizenship applications


  • Selection committee

  • Grants application assessment

  • Professional development of teachers

Human resources

  • HR agencies

  • HR marketplace platforms

  • Corporate HR teams

Our clients


We are interested to hire professionals in the following areas: AI specialists, Big Data specialists and individuals with a background in social science .
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