Scoring. Standardization. Prediction organizational efficiency through Al-powered parametrics


Screen. Score. Predict. The SSP cloud solution
identifies, captures, and forecasts a person’s
absolute nature and organizational


A three-tiered system for Acropolis ranking
method that involves l) CV Analysis, 2) Criterion,
and 3) Deep Dive.

Bad HR

Discord with management, poor productivity, lack of protocol, disengagement from institutional culture and values are all elements of bad HR

The Oracle

How do you know if you really know a person? Acropolis’ uses three modules to verify a person’s background and illustrate their skills, personality, social behavior, and potential impact

CV Analysis

Metrics for contextualizing CV data into a system of personalized and comparable professional statistics.


An algorithm for predicting personality traits based on verified online references.

Deep Dive

A thorough background check that identi- fies all potential red flags and concerning patterns

Our Solution

For too long have organizations struggled with properly ranking and scoring candidates.
We return the meaning of efficiency to the hiring and evaluation process.

Decrease in unqualified candidate interviews

Less time spent in the hiring process

Decrease in turnover potential

10,000 CVs

Imagine having 10,000 CVs to review. Seems impossible, no?

Under 90 Seconds

Acropolis needs only three minutes to evaluate and rank 10,000 potential candidates saving you time and effort.